Continental Terminals, Inc.

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1985-1989       Primary warehouse for Maxwell House Hoboken NJ Plant.
Provided bulk loading of coffee and transportation to their plant.

1989-1999       Primary warehouse for Nestle Beverage Co., Suffolk VA Plant.  Provided transportation and warehousing for all coffee used in the Suffolk Plant.  Supplied labor to operate receiving lines at Suffolk Plant.
1985-Present   Expansion into Port of Miami.  Serviced Nestle, New Orleans and Maxwell House, Jacksonville with Central American Coffees. 
1989-Present   Provide Supersacking services for Nestle Confectionery (Cocoa) from our
New Jersey and Virginia Locations.
1992                Expansion into Port of Laredo.
1998                Expansion into Port of Houston
1998 - 2000    Primary Warehouse for Nestle Beverage Co. Tea.  Provided transportation and warehousing for all tea used in the New Jersey Plant.
2002-Present   Coffee Blending Operation
Provide Bulk Unloading and Loading of Cocoa in NY and Virginia.          
US Government Approved Contractor
            Operated in Government Depot
            Handled US Government Surplus Rubber
               Scotia, NY
               Flagstaff, AZ
               Colorado Springs, CO
               Binghamton, NY